Dedman Law Scholars - SMU Giving Day
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Dedman Law Scholars

Scholarships are critical in recruiting the most talented students and reducing student loan debt. Scholarship gifts attract and support students who otherwise might not be able to attend Dedman School of Law and allow them to choose their preferred career path.

Your gift to SMU Dedman School of Law enables us to continue to strive to develop the next century of world changers and leaders in the legal and business fields.

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March 5, 2019 is SMU Giving Day

One Day. For 24 hours the entire SMU community will come together to give back and celebrate the causes we care about. What can we do in one day? Help spread the word about what matters to you with #SMUOneDay.

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In 24 hours, we can do anything and everything, as long as we do it together. By supporting SMU, you make an immediate impact for our students, faculty and staff, and help make the university the best it can be – creating change on campus and around the globe.